toddler & pre-k art explorations

The AOTL Studio is always open to little ones joining us! Unless you see 'adults only' next to an event, always assume that your little guys can join the fun! Any specific questions about programming and young children are welcome, feel free to get in touch. Each month we set a few days aside to shift all creative energies to toddler and pre-k aged artists! Check monthly calendars for the next Toddler & Pre-k Art Explorations with Melissa Luna or AOTL Director, Mehri Davis! Both Mehri and Melissa have extensive experience working with young people of all ages in the arts. Melissa joins us with a long list of nannying, teaching pre-school aged children, and creating art experiences that allows children to be creative, get some energy out, and learn. Young children will be given the chance to explore their creativity in a safe, calm, and open environment.

class cost, $10 for two hours of fun! birthday parties and private art sessions available by appointment.